Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Early Life
Thomas Aquinas ( 1225 – 1274 ) was an Italian philosopher and theologian, whose work have made him the most important figure in Scholastic philosophy and one of the leading Roman Catholic theologians.
Aquinas was born of a noble family and was educated at a monastery at the University of Naples. In 1245 Aquinas then journeyed to Paris to continue his studies. Because learners called him Dumb Ox, but Albertus Magnus (his teacher) is said to have predicted that “this ox will one day fill the world with his bellowing.’’
He began to teach at the University of Paris in 1252.In 1256 Aquinas was awarded a doctorate  in theology and appointed as professor of philosophy at the university of paris. Pope Alexander IV called him to Rome in 1259, where he acted as adviser and lecturer to the papal court.
During the 13th century, Saint Thomas Aquinas sought to reconcile Aristotelian Philosophy with Augustinian theology. Aquinas employed both reason and faith in th study of metaphysics, moral philosophy, and religion.while Aquinas accepted the existence ofGod on fiath, he offered five proofs of God’s Existence to support such a belief.
In March 1274 while traveling to the Council of Lyon, to which he had been commissioned by pope Gregory X, Aquinas fell ill.

He died on March 7. 

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