Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thomas Hobbes

Early Life
Thomas Hobbes was a British Philosopher who born in England in 1588 AC and died in 1679 AC. Hobbes was sent to school at West port., then to a private school, and finally, at 15 to Magdalene Hall, Oxford where he gave most of his time to travel and study of maps. Upon his graduation in 1608. Hobbes became a private tutor to William Cavendish, afterwards 2nd earl of Devon shire, and so began a lifelong connection with the Cavendish family, he grew very fond of his pupil, who was only a little younger than himself. In 160 Hobbes visited France and Italy with his pupil. There he probably found that the Aristotelian philosophy that he had been taught at oxford was beginning to disintegrate before the discoveries of Galileo, who formulated the laws of planetary motion. On returning home he decided to make himself a traditional scholar. He wrote ‘’ leviathan’’ (the title of Hobbes book that means the huge sea mammal’’. It is an important document on social contract theory) in 1651 AC. During the lifetime of Thomas Hobbes, his county was politically unstable and therefore, he wanted to give the concept of an absolute government. So he presented the social contract theory of origin of state.

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